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We ensure enhanced promotion of your ads with scrutiny towards qualified audiences and the use of appropriate channels with user privacy to be your trusted partner.

Curious about how this works?

We ensure a large customer reach. We make sure that you are visible. You take care of the idea.

Do you need some inspiration?

Car wrapping

With your ads driving around the city, you will be seen by everyone.
You can get one car or many cars wrapped with your company name and own illustations.
Interested? Lets talk so we can see how we can help you grow!

Let your customers use their senses

Whether it is taste, smell of visual images…
You decide!
With our car tablets you can introduce your cutomers to your product.
Is your product special? Let the customer have the best experience with it.
You have the product, we have the world.

We can start tomorrow

Contact us and see what we can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect with you to advertise with you?

You can click here to get in touch with us. So we can talk about your wishes

What can i expect from a car wrap?

You can choose a number of cars you want to have wrapped. With high quality stickers on the doors or the back of the car

What are the minimum criteria for a campaign with Qatchads?

You can customize your own package according to your campaign needs, as there is no minimal criterion, you can even advertise for one vehicle.

What are the ad packages available with Qatchads?

You can choose from a wide range of packages. Lets talk, so we can answer your questions contact us here

How In-car branding works for my ad campaign?

You will determine no. of vehicles, submit artwork and Qatchads will assign the best drivers and schedule installation to provide in-car visibility of your brand.

How the in-car tablet ads helpful to my campaign?

Just determine the duration of the campaign, the content of ads and preferred format and see how digital marketing on the go can do wonders for your campaign.

What will be the minimum duration for a campaign?

You can customize the duration of your ad campaign, depending on your needs, we will schedule the installation and uninstallation.