Extend Ride Booking Support with
Booking Tool

Bookings Made Easy

Website Booking

Allow ride-booking facilities from an interactive website that makes ride requesting and booking easier and remote.

Reception Booking

Integrate reception booking support to help hotels book rides for their guests through a dedicated booking panel.

Kiosk App Booking

Let users find a solution right away with a dedicated app for ride-booking enabled with all the required features and functions.

Manage and Control Your Business Your Way

Real-time Status Updates

Let riders track their ride in real-time with status and route updates.

Online Payment Facility

Make payments easier and faster with integrated online payment support.

Customer Feedback

Learn what your riders like and dislike the most to improve the ride-booking experience.

Manage and Control Your Business Your Way

Real-time Status Updates

Generate charts and graphs from real-time data collection and business updates.

User Authentication

Choose whether a user successfully registers or not with the complete authority of denial.

Expand Business Reach

Control your business across countries with business-specific features integrated into the solution.

Certified Drivers

Only authenticated drivers get to serve

No Hidden Costs

Detailed invoice generation for enhanced clarity

Free Cancellation

Zero cancellation charge for a specific duration before pickup

Serving the Best Fleet Across the World