Grow Your Delivery Business with
Qatch Delivery Solution


Offer on-demand taxi dispatch

Food Delivery

Deliver ordered delicacies

Goods Delivery

Manage deliveries efficiently

Achieve Exponential Business Growth with Qatch Cabs Solution

Seamless Delivery Experience

Offer a seamless user experience that guarantees excellent on-demand services to users.


The system ensures every request gets answered and enables real-time tracking and monitoring.

Earn Rewards

Set rewards and offers for users to generate the best response by promoting the use of your solution.

Data Analytics

Measure and analyze the performance with the integrated data analytics to align results with your business goals.

Latest Tech Support

Qatch offers the integration of the latest tech stack, which paves the way to providing excellent business support.

Expand Reach

Offer excellent services to multiple users with a seamless experience and expand your business reach across countries.

Qatch Integrates and Offers Support Through

Book Rides for Users Seamlessly

Dispatcher panel integrates support for booking and managing multiple rides for users along with real-time tracking and monitoring.

How It Works

Simply insert the user name, destination, and current location to place a ride request that gets efficiently monitored and managed from the dispatcher panel.

Get Rides On Your Demand

The user panel includes all the necessary features that let a user book a ride as per their need and as well as track and monitor it in real-time.

How It Works

The user panel is dedicatedly built for riders that include all the functions and features. It holds the ability to show the invoice and history of the rides to provide excellent services.

Manage and Control Everything at One Place

The admin can manage and control the entire app solution and its parameters with the interactive features and tracking facilities.

How It Works

The authorized admin can log in and view every business process that is included in the system- requests, rides, invoices, purchases, and more.

Book for Your Guests Easily

Use this facility to provide easier taxi booking facilities from hotels using the kiosk feature. Now hotels can book rides in advance by just entering details of guests and manage rides effortlessly.

How It Works

Enter the user details and their location details to book a ride. The panel includes all the essential features to manage the history and payment of the rides and view them in real-time.

Empowering On-demand Businesses Across the World