Qatch Care

What Is Qatch Care?

Are you almost late for your doctor’s appointment? Don’t worry, with Qatch Care you will never miss your appointments again. Are you a health institution? Then we offer safe and comfortable rides for your patients.

Be there when you need to be, choose Qatch Health!

Secure Services:

Our health system is especially designed to make sure that the clients privacy and safety is always protected. That is our first priority!

Easy On Pocket:

Use Qatch Care to book cost-effective and cheaper rides for your patients and caregivers from all over the Netherlands.

Reliability Ensured:

We provide reliability and scalability to medical institutions by delivering 24/7, on-demand medical and caregiver riding services.

Be On-Time and Save the dime:

Our team of professional drivers is committed to your medical care solutions and we emphasize on delivering professional medical care rides with accuracy and due diligence.

Make the reach for diagnosis easy:

When it is easy for your patients to reach you, it becomes easy for you to deliver diagnosis, with the privilege of a comfortable ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with Qatch Health?

Medical care providers and organizations can register to Qatch Health through the online portal, by providing Organizational details, Email address, payment profile and create a secure access to the portal through password by agreeing to terms and conditions of the services.

Do riders need a Qatch Health account?

Riders don’t need a dedicated Qatch Health account as the rides can be booked through the Qatch Health Dashboard by the respective medical care organizations triggered by a simple SMS by the patients.

Why should you choose Qatch Health?

We have been actively working towards medical care transportation solutions for years now and we know what it takes to break the barriers of transportation hassles to provide comfortable medical care rides to our clients. We constantly work with our partners to build a product that meets their needs and the needs of their patients.

Qatch Health, helps its medical care partners to arrange, schedule and track ride at the touch of a button. Unlike traditional patient transportation options, Qatch Health leverages technologically advanced features and efficiency of the Qatch to work for you.

What are the other services related to Qatch Health?

We provide extensive medical care rides to patients, caregivers, insurers and many more. In case of emergencies, our professional drivers make sure to provide assistance to patients so that they can be reached to the emergency wards.

Is there any extra cost for the services?

There is no extra cost for Qatch Care services, the standard rate for Qatch will be applicable and it will be billed on a monthly basis to the organizations.

How will a passenger be notified when a ride is booked?

Whenever a ride is booked, the passenger is texted on the registered device with details regarding the booking and registered device will receive several texts providing real-time data regarding the ride.

Where can we contact in case of an emergency?

You can contact our support team in case of any emergency to help you overcome any such scenario with complete support and technical backing from our dedicated team of experts.

How can soon can I get Qatch Care services?

We will be able to provide medical care ride-booking facilities for your organizations as soon as possible, once you get in touch with us regarding the same.