Partner Application

What is Qatch Partner?

Qatch Partner app connects you with costumers. You easily earn more because of a big amount of users. You can easily keep track of your earnings in the app.

Why Drive with Us?

Earn More

because we think you deserve the best.

Safety & Status

You can ensure social and economic growth with stability.

You’re the boss

You are your own boss by choosing which ride you want to ride, or not. You can choose your own working hours and ride only whenever you want

We make your business grow bigger with complete stack solution which is robust and easy to integrate

How Qatch Partner Works?

“Register with the app so you can start. You choose which rides you want to ride. After you have completed a ride, your earnings come directly into your digital wallet that you can find in the app. From there you can have it deposited into your bank account.”

Making your registration safe.

To make the app safe, you must add your valid documents. Such as your drivers license, insurance and a certificate of conduct.

Receiving Payments

You can easily add your banking details to the app to receive payments conveniently.

Online/Offline mode

Don’t feel like working today? Switch easily between online and offline modus

Ride Rejection

You may choose to accept/reject a ride through the Qatch Driver app.


You can monitor your trip earnings and earning history through the app.


Our app shows you the way throughout the Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register with Qatch?

By downloading the app, register and add the asked documents

How can I become an approved driver?

You can contact our support team to get approved status, after a verification by them.

Can I send another driver in place of me for a ride?

NO, as soon as you choose to accept a ride, your contact details will be shared with riders, so you need to reach the pick-up location by ETA and keep your phone on.

Can I track how much do I earn?

Yes, you can track your earnings through our app and see your ride history and scheduled ride request too.

Do I need to work every day?

You can choose your own working hours/day by switching to online/offline mode.

How can I contact my rider?

Yes, you can contact your rider, by contact details of the rider provided with the ride request through our app.

What if I reject a ride?

In case of rejection, the ride will be assigned to other drivers nearest to the pick-up location.

Can I set a higher fare for the ride?

Our app provides the customer an estimated fixed fare based on distance, traffic and peak hours included. So, you won’t need to increase the price from your soon as user books a ride, you are given all the details with an option to accept or reject the request