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Qatch Is Your Solution

On-Demand Booking

Increase your reach by serving multiple requests at once and offer a seamless ride booking experience.

Brand Identity

Create your own brand identity that delivers excellent results for your business by editing the logo and app theme as per your business need.

Interactive Analytics

You can measure the performance of your business with the key performance indicators to align the business efforts with the goals.

Real-time Tracking

Facilitate real-time ride tracking to customers as well as monitor them yourself throughout the ride to ensure complete monitoring.

Airport Pickup

Qatch cabs include a dedicated module for airport pickup and drop-off facilities to provide better ride-hailing experience.

Add Partner

If you wish to integrate more admins to control and efficiently manage the business, Qatch offers you to add partners and control their access to the system.

Online Store Support

Qatch offers a solution that can be turned into a dedicated online store. Offer your delicacies with online ordering and delivery support.

Fast and Secure

Delivering food just in time is extremely crucial, and by integrating efficient navigation facilities, you can deliver securely and fast.

Customize Ingredients

Customers can choose to customize the ingredients and order their favorite food from the customer-dedicated solution.

Easy Onboarding

Customers can easily register themselves using their social media accounts, and it makes the onboarding experience smooth and hassle-free.

Doorstep Delivery

Empower doorstep deliveries as your customers enter the delivery location and assign the task to expert delivery providers.

Manage Earnings

The interactive admin panel not only helps you control the operations but also keeps a check on the earnings of every provider and your business.

Order Management

Supermarkets can manage their incoming orders with the order management facilities integrated into the solution.

Multiple Payment Support

You can offer multiple ways of proceeding payments, including the online and cash on delivery. Offering the comfort of paying from their home lets them have a good experience.

Request Delivery

Supermarkets can place the delivery request to providers who deliver the ordered items to the doorsteps of customers.

Earning Management

Supermarkets can view and manage their earnings from their dedicated solutions to ensure they meet the final goals every year.


Supermarkets can choose to promote their best selling items as they ultimately hike up sales and converts to higher profits.

Interactive Panel

Supermarkets are provided with an interactive panel and an app solution to efficiently manage their operations from anywhere within a tap.

Global Exposure

You can choose to expand your business over limits as the solution supports a cloud-based system and hence, can be accessed from anywhere.

Efficient Deliveries

As delivery providers are assigned a dedicated solution, the dispatch and deliveries are handled efficiently to produce the best response and customer experience.


As the payment gets processed, the invoice is generated within the system and saved in the history for future references.

Secure Access

The authentication and authorization measures of the system ensure highly secure login and sign up functionalities to produce the best results.

Manage Items

Businesses can efficiently manage the items they sell through the solution to keep the stock details updated as per the availability.

Offer Discounts

To highlight the offers, businesses can choose to offer discounts on prices and set them as per their needs to earn more profits.

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