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What is Qatch?

Qatch connects riders with highly professional drivers with the best vehicles from our large fleet and cheaper fixed rate. Our app lets you book your ride, based on your budget, preference, and convenience in no time.

Why Ride with us?

No-Fuss Payments

You can choose any convenient option of your choice to make payments for your booking.

Rider Preferences

You may set preferences of your ride and we make tailor-made rides to integrate them.


You may cancel your ride request anytime prior to your onward trip without any extra charge.

We make your business grow bigger with complete stack solution which is robust and easy to integrate

How Qatch Works?

Once you sign in/sign up, you can instantly book a ride through Qatch and choose ride of your preference, track your booking, pay with whatever option you like and rate it after the happy trip!

Book Now Or Schedule

you can book your ride instantly or schedule for a future ride with our app.


During the booking, you can set your preferences and even choose type of vehicle from our large fleet.

Reviews And Rating

Your feedback is valuable to us as it helps make your ride more and more comfortable and efficient.

Convenient Payment Option

You can choose any payment option of your choice for your booking.

Fixed Fare Estimates

As soon as you enter your destination, our app will provide you fixed fare estimate making your ride meter-free.

Ease of Cancellation

You can cancel your trips before onward journey anytime without any extra charges or fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I book a ride to from Qatch?

You can book a ride to any location in the Netherlands from Qatch with extensive airport and hotel transfer facilities. If you don’t find a location on our app, just feel free to contact us.

Can I book a roundtrip?

Just choose ‘RETURN’ instead of ‘ONE WAY’ on the booking page and you can easily book a roundtrip from our app.

Do I get an option of Luxury Cab?

You can choose the ‘LUXURY’ option on the booking page and we will provide a luxurious ride with a sophisticated driver.

Can I take my dog with me to the cab?

You can set preferences for your ride during the booking of your ride with a mention of your dog!

Do you have an electric cab option?

We believe in environment preservation and so we do have electric vehicles as a part of our fleet. Just look for the ‘ELECTRIC’ option on the booking page instead of ‘LUXURY’.

How can I pay for the ride?

You can choose to pay by cash or add a debit/credit card to your app’s wallet to set it as a default payment option. Though you can change the payment option anytime you want, even during the onward journey.

What do you charge for cancellation?

We don’t charge our customers for any cancellation if the cancellation has been done anytime prior to the pick-up of the passenger from their location.

Do my rate changes according to the location?

As soon as you enter ‘Pick-up’ and ‘Drop’ location, you can check your fixed fare estimate by taping on ‘CHECK PRICE’. We don’t change any fare during your onward journey.