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Book your trip anywhere in the Netherlands, with only one touch! No meter counting, fixed rate and easy payment

How does it Work?

You can book your ride through our app by choosing vehicle, that fits your budget and preferences!

How long will I wait?

You don’t have to wait long. We send the nearest driver that meets your preferences. While waiting you can track your ride and communicate with the taxi driver

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Qatch is the fastest, cheapest and safest way to travel. So, download the app today available on your Android or iPhones.

book & track our taxi

Getting a ride to your favorite destination in Netherland has been never so easy. With Qatch Cab, it’s easy to grab your ride instantly through our app. Enter your location, destination, preferences if any and choose a convenient payment option and your ride is booked.

  • As soon as you book your ride we will assign a professional driver nearest to you.
  • While our professional driver reaches your pick-up location you can track them easily.
  • Through our app, you can see your ride approach, estimated time and distance, and driver contact details.
  • You will be able to see your fixed fare estimate through our app.
  • Even if you are already picked-up, you can always track your ride throughout the journey.
  • We dwell on making every ride a moment for you to stay on.